Отзывы о Конгрессе

1) Dear Captain Igor,


My grandson Alan Pickering and I thoroughly enjoyed the 54th ISA and want to thank you for all the hard work you and your staff had to do to make this a most memorable event.


Again, Many thanks,


Robert Perkins




Уважаемый Игорь


Огромное спасибо вам и вашей команде за то, что сделали конгресс подводников большим успехом. Моя жена Девина и я наслаждались каждым событием. Особая благодарность Дарье, Кириллу, Татьяне ... и всем остальным, которые так много работали, чтобы мы были счастливы.


Увидимся на следующей неделе ....


С уважением,

Commodore Rajesh Sarin (Retired)


3)Dorogoj, drug!
Boljšoe spasibo za gostopriemstvo Tvoe I Tvoego ekipaža.

Ekipažu peredaj naše velikoe SPASIBO!!!

Dragiša s Černogorskoj delegaciej.


4)Good Morning Igor,
Hope you have had a relaxing week since ISC 54. Thank you for awonderful busy and sometimes chaotic week. It was wonderful to meet you. We all of the Australians had a good time. Since we left you we have been to Moscow, Suzdal, Vladimir and are now in Ektaringburg.

The weather in St Petersburg has been the best in Russia. Everywhere else it has rained.


5)The American delegation was satisfied with the Congress. For many it was their first Congress and they were amazed at the friendships shared among the attendees. 

My compliments on the official opening, Leningrad blockade and the wreath laying ceremony for submariners. The only problem was knowing what was expected of the HOD’s at each event as far as dress and procedures to follow. 

I want to thank the interpreters for their help in solving many problems that were caused by language barriers.

The Gala Ball was exceptional with entertainment, music and dance enjoyed by all. It will leave fond memories in our hearts.

I hope to visit St Petersburg in the future to see all the sights in a more leisurely manner.

Until we meet again. Thanks for the memories.

Jack Messersmith, ISA/USA

Head of Delegation  


6)Dear Captain Kurdin

Thank you for a pleasant and interesting congress in St Petersburg a lovely city.

Also my thanks to your staff for there hard work.

Kind Regards

Steve and Pam Collins



7)Dear Igor,
Thank you so much for the lovely scarf that you gave Ruurd van Rooijen as a present for me. It is beautiful and I shall treasure it.  Ruurd had a wonderful time and was very much impressed by the beauty of Saint Petersburg. It was a pity that we could not be present but because of all the photographs we could join you all in spirit and thoughts.

Hoping to see you soon again.

Warm regards,